Call for Abstracts Now Open

September 2019 – The call for abstracts for the XXII World Congress on Safety and Health at Work is now open! Organizers are looking for abstracts that relate to the Congress theme and topics – the theme is Prevention in the Connected Age:  Global solutions to achieve safe and healthy work for all. Abstracts can be submitted in English or French between September 15, 2019 and January 15, 2020 through our Abstract Submission Portal.

To learn more about abstracts and why they’re an important part of the Congress, we asked Dr. Peter Smith, Chair of the National Scientific Advisors for the XXII World Congress and Scientific Co-Director & Senior Scientist at the Institute for Work & Health, a few questions.  We know that many of are very familiar with the abstract process, but for some, this will be their first time. So, let’s start with the basics.

What is an abstract?

An abstract is a short – 300 word – summary of a case study, research project, practical tool, or area of interest that you would like to present at the Congress.

Why are abstracts important to the XXII World Congress?

Abstracts are an essential part of the Congress program. First, approximately 50% of the symposia speakers will be selected through the abstract submission process. And we have 31 symposia planned for the Congress. Even those abstracts that are not selected to be part of the symposia may still be part of the Congress as part of the Poster exhibition. So, a lot of the Congress content will come through the abstract process. Second, the World Congress is about exchanging information and knowledge, and allowing people from across the globe to get involved in discussions to enhance workplace safety and health. So, if you have something you think others need to know about, we want to hear from you.

Who should submit an abstract?

Anyone who thinks they have something to say that will inform how we think about workplace health and safety. Our Congress theme is about global solutions to safe work for all. So, if you have knowledge, experience or stories that can help us get there we want to hear from you.

What makes a good abstract?

The first part of a good abstract is that it is relevant to the Congress. We are looking for work that is innovative and can tell us something new or make us think is different ways. As part of the abstract submission process we will ask you how your abstract aligns with three main Congress topics. So, the more you can demonstrate this the better.

It is important that your abstract is clearly written and covers the aims of your project, what you did, and what you found. You will get to choose up to three symposia that your abstract might fit with. So, aligning your abstract closely with the content of these sessions is a plus.

My advice to people looking to submit an abstract is: get to know the Congress themes and symposia before you submit. And be clear about how your work will add to the Congress.

What is the abstract selection process for the XXII World Congress?

All abstracts will be reviewed by our national scientific advisors. These are leaders in the areas of occupational health research, or practice and policy. This group will provide a short list of abstracts which will be given to each of the symposia organisers. The symposia organisers will then select at least half of their symposia content from this short list. All authors will be notified in late Spring 2020 about their abstract, and how it will contribute to the Congress, whether as a speaker or poster presenter.

Need More Info?

For more information about the theme, main topics, and symposia check out our website. You can also download the first programme announcement, register, and sign up for updates. Find out more about submitting an abstract by checking out our Abstract Submission Portal.

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