What to Expect

The program elements of the World Congress will explore the importance of occupational safety and health through technical sessions, symposia, keynote speakers, the International Media Festival for Prevention, and much more.

Register now and join delegates from over 120 countries at this critical global event.

Premium Digital Content & Access

With digital access to over 30 sessions over 200 experts from around the world, keynote speakers, a special media session and showcase, virtual posters, the International Safety and Health Exhibition, and dynamic opening and closing sessions, the World Congress is the premium event in the global prevention calendar. Delegates won’t miss a thing with 24-hour access, programming across time zones, an on-demand library, and the opportunity to continue to view sessions for up to 30 days following the Congress.

Curated Journeys & Concierge Support

There will be a lot to do, so delegates will be able to build an experience and personalized agenda guided by their interests. The platform will open early so delegates can become familiar, explore, build their profile and agenda, and get ready for the Congress. Live concierge service during the Congress will support delegates and troubleshoot any technical issues.

Global Networking & Braindates Content

One of the strengths of the Congress is the opportunity for global networking. Through the Congress platform, delegates will be able to easily connect with colleagues from around the world.

New to the Congress, Braindates are dynamic conversations between individuals or small groups that delegates will be able to book through the Congress event platform. Delegates post the topics they wish to discuss on the “Topic Market”, an online page that allows users to browse and choose braindates that interest them. From there, delegates can instantly join an ongoing group braindate, or schedule a time to meet one- on-one. Then, when it’s time for the braindate, delegates can easily join via video call right from the World Congress virtual platform.

A braindate is a great way to meet people and explore topics that interest you!